California ITS Initiative

California ITS in Action
Experience innovative new ITS technologies on California roadways during the 12th World Congress. You will see the benefits of projects that demonstrate faster, safer, smarter surface transportation technologies as a result of a Call for Submissions (CFS) issued by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), the Metropolitan Transportation Commission of the San Francisco Bay Area (MTC), the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the California Center for Innovative Transportation (CCIT), and the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITSA). This program presents a new way for the public and private sectors to do business. Based on hands-on experience, the program will help deploy the right ITS technologies on California's roads faster and more efficiently.

This pilot demonstration process enables private companies to use public infrastructure to demonstrate their self-funding ITS solutions in the months before, during, and after the World Congress. It's a win-win-win proposition for all parties. The agencies "test drive" the latest ITS innovations, and providers demonstrate the value of their products and gain previously unavailable hands-on experience with the public infrastructure - and World Congress attendees see ITS in action!

12th World Congress Demonstration Projects*

Circumnav Networks, Inc.
Dynamic Route Advisory System

InfoTek Associates
Intelligent Loop Detector (ILD)

Mitretek Systems
ATIS Gateway Demonstration Project

511 Level Two Demonstration - "My 511"

Outreach and Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group
Bay Area Web Congestion Mapping and Traffic Forecasting

Speed Sensor Demonstration

Tele Atlas North America, Inc.
TV511 Demonstration

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* Projects as of 12/15/04