Experience the Innovative Mobility Showcase

This exciting new event will enable you to experience a variety of ITS technologies through two distinct experiences.

The "Streets of San Francisco" will feature an enabling infrastructure to allow wireless connectivity. Vehicles will communicate with roadways and you will experience the future with information in the form of dynamic maps. Imagine an experience where vehicles pass by transceivers and provide up-to-date information on traffic flow and congestion. Travelers will have second-by-second arrival times of their cars, ferries, light rail, buses (to downtown BART stations) and Caltrain.

A fleet of personal transport vehicles will link travelers from one mode to another. Additionally, a safe intersection will provide in-vehicle warnings of potential collisions. Crosswalks will be equipped with the latest in pedestrian safety technologies, ranging from automated pedestrian detection and "walk" signal activation, through in-pavement studs that dynamically warn motorists of crossing pedestrians.

The "Test Track" will feature demonstrations of future technologies in a controlled environment and a "show and tell" component presented by representatives of the USDOT and/or exhibiting companies. The demonstrations will cover:

  • Sophisticated versions of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) to include stop-and-go ACC
  • Roll stability controller systems, illustrating automatic engine braking when rollover thresholds are exceeded
  • Driver-comfort vehicle systems during idling, using fuel cell technology
  • Collision avoidance
  • Night vision systems
  • Infrastructure-assisted hazard warning and lane departure warning
  • Advanced snowplow, equipped with lane awareness systems, radar warning, and advanced driver vehicle interfaces
  • Intersection collision warning system
  • Automated bus docking

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